Real Irish Whiskey

In simple terms, Real Irish is a blended Irish whiskey with a characteristically warm, smooth, round spirit overlaid with the influence of ageing in oak casks.

Although quite dry, there is a sense of sweetness from having spent time in Bourbon casks and an underlying nutty complexity.

Real Irish embodies all the elements that make Irish whiskey so accessible and so attractive. It doesn't have any hard edges. It's smooth but intense, full of character, revealing layers of taste on the palate.

It's a fine sipping whiskey but has a concentration of flavour that makes it a significant building block for adventurous mixologists. A whiskey sour made with Real Irish is every bit as much as a Real Irish experience as having it neat or simply over ice.

There are a myriad of right ways to drink Real Irish, and no wrong ones. Despite its depth of character, it's an easy-going spirit.
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